Counselling can help with many concerns by providing a safe space to develop new skills, challenge old and limiting beliefs or just by being witnessed and validated. I’m currently providing Clinical Counselling for individuals, relationships and families and I work with adults and youth. I also provide counselling remotely by telephone or video calls. These are some of the areas that I can support you with:

  • recognizing and regulating triggers due to traumatic stress-PTSD-developmental trauma and increasing a sense of safety through reprocessing past trauma using a neurobiological approach (EMDR and somatic resourcing) and decreasing dissociative responses.
  • recognize occupational work stress/trauma exposure and implement healthier coping responses
  • substance use/misuse – reduction plans, treatment referrals, family counselling
  • support for those who are impacted by a loved one’s substance (mis)use
  • mood disorders (anxiety/depression)-psychoeducation and skills to manage
  • moving through & processing grief/loss
  • stress management and coping
  • support with postpartum depression and anxiety and with transition to/challenges with parenting and attachment
  • relationship difficulties and improving communication, empathy and validation skills
  • parent coaching and skill development from an attachment parenting lens
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